Wheat inside

Wheat inside

* Popular color dice for collector and gamer
* Easy to read
* 1 dice set contains d20,d12,d10.d00,d8,d6,d4.
* 1 set/ opp bag.

We have a lot of individual polyhedral dice for sale, but if you're a serious roleplayer you know you have to have at least one
7-piece set of D&D dice. These sets are always made up of the following dice: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d%, 1d12, and 1d20.

1,Dice is made of resin, size around 14-20mm. There are 7pcs for one set.(D4-D20)Usually ,they are used for D&D games.

2,OEM is acceptable.Custom design and color are workable.We have professional development team.

3,Packing method. Regular packing(PP bags)

4,Sample can be sent to you for inspection before bulk order.


Orange color wheat inside with purple ink

Yellow wheat inside with green ink

Yellow wheat inside with white ink



Packing & Delivery


Q:Do you have relevant testing report?

A:Yes we do
  Q:How long does it take to make samples?
A:15-20 days.(This is for making mold of custom design) 7 days for custom color by our mold.
  Q:How long is your delivery period?
A:Normally 30-35 days.
  Q:Do you accept custom order A:Yes,OEM is acceptable.